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SWATposium ’12

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FRC Agenda and Workshop Descriptions

FLL Agenda and Workshop Descriptions


District Model In Canada 
Mark Breadner (FIRST Canada)


FRC Workshops

Basic Electrical – no ppt
Angelique Sturino (771)

Introduction to VEX Robotics
Jash Javeri (1241)

Jr. FLL 
Aileen Yu (771)

Ankita Sharma & Laura Lee (771)

FLL Tips for FRC Teams
Aayushi Joshi & Tawny Robinson (781)

Driven For Success: Strategies For Your Drive Team
Feroz Balsara & Eric Bryce (1325)

Kitbot on Steroids
Ben Bennett (1114)

Going From Criteria To Design
Dr. Gilbert Lai

Writing a Successful Business Plan
Jessica Miller & Melanie Miller (771)

Image Processing in Python – no ppt
Ted Ying (4308)

AutoCAD – no ppt

Captains Chat – no ppt
Angelique Sturino, Ankita Sharma and Laura Lee (771)

Public Speaking
Richard Yun (781)

FIRST: More Than An Extracurricular
Roger Balech (3161)

Mentor Mingle – no ppt
Nathan Chow (771)

Social Media & Ur Team
Laura Lee (771)

FIRST: The Key to Young  Women Exploring STEM
Naoka Gunawardena, Katie Shreve, Heather Harrington & Becca Volk (3504)

Mechanical Systems
Parthiv Shah (1241)

Rookie Success
John Hobbins & Arti Javeri

Programming in C++
Phillip Schrader (1503)

Branding, Marketing & Fundraising
Adolfo Proietti

Maplesoft’s Bringing Your Robot to Life: Sim Style
Tim Vrablik


Coach Orientation
Megan Vernon-Kenzie

Building 201 (modular attachments)
Eric Borromeo

Programming 201 (intro to 301)
Eric Borromeo

Building 101
Dave Ellis

Programming 301 (smooth line following)
Eric Borromeo

Programming 101
Megan Vernon-Kenzie

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