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FIRST Lego League (FLL) is a robotics competition aimed for children, ages 9-14.

Much like FRC, FLL participants are presented with a new game every year and are challenged to build a robot from a Lego kit and accomplish tasks within the game to score points.  Two robots against each other at a time and the team with the most points wins.  Teams also have the chance to compete in a research competition.  Themes for the research project are announced along with the robot missions and the research project’s theme usually ties into the mission’s theme.

Our school is proud to be the home of two all-girls FLL teams every year. The program is available to students in grade 6 and 7.  Every year SWAT 771 welcomes FLL graduates to the team. More than half of this year’s returning members have participated in the FLL program in the past.  Many of our team members mentor our younger counterparts and in the past years when our school has hosted the FLL Ontario Championships all our team members have volunteered as team hostesses, scorers or referees.

FLL is a program that introduces younger children to the world of engineering and science with a game that is fun and geared to their age group. Several FLL girls continue their FIRST career into FRC.


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