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2013 Award Recipients

The Girl With Wrench Award

The Girl With Wrench Award is the most prestigious award given out by SWAT. It is awarded to a girl, by the mentors, who has made significant and unique contributions to the team during her time as a Girl With Wrench. During her time on the team, she has inspired countless people, dedicated many hours and left a lasting legacy that will carry on long after she has graduated. The Girl With Wrench Award is presented to a long-standing member of SWAT and can only be won once.

2013: Laura
This year’s winner changed the face of SWAT, literally. Through many of her initiatives, both inside and outside of the school, she’s elevated our team to new heights continuously. She has been mentoring FLL since leaving it herself and is a reliable workhorse for ensuring Symposium runs smoothly. She leads this team passionately from the design of the robot to outreach events which promote SWAT and STEM within the school, in our local community and globally. Recently, she’s put a lot of thought into creating new leadership opportunities to ensure our future shines brightly. Her work is often the first thing teams notice about us, as she plays with the team’s icon creatively. We also always know when she’s coming, as she speaks quite loud-lee. The inaugural Girl With Wrench Award goes to Laura Lee.

Rookie All-Star

The Rookie All-star award recognizes a girl who goes above and beyond, despite it being her first year on the team.

2013: Samantha
977569_541200872589555_1180373870_oShe walked into her first meeting at the beginning of the year a bit timid. Through the year, we have seen her flourish into an active member of the team. From participating in her first Symposium to taking a leading role in the slider group and her role as battery and bumper girl at competitions, she has undoubtedly shown to be an invaluable member. We look forward to seeing what Sam will take on in the future.

Most Dedicated

The Most Dedicated award is given to a girl who always gives 100%. Showing up to mostly all the meetings, attending all the competitions and working on robotics even after team meetings are over.

2013: Angela
901277_541201279256181_1938372901_oThis Girl With Wrench has been on the team for three years now. Acting as battery girl in her first year to being pit captain in her third year, she has continuously put 100% into everything she does. Her attendance this past season is a testament to the dedication and hard work she devotes to this team, including attending all four competitions. Angela has worked tirelessly this past season to help make it SWAT’s best season yet.


Most Improved

The Most Improved award is awarded to a girl who has learned the most over the season. Taking it into her own hands to take on new opportunities to become an even better SWAT girl.

2013: Nicole
922598_541200899256219_1914519269_oThe change in this girl from the beginning of the year to now is remarkable. At the beginning of the year, she decided to try something new and joined the programming team. In New York City, she took on the role as lead programmer, after only one season of programming and performed remarkably, frantically downloading code last minute during eliminations. The level of maturity and skill we have seen Nicole develop this year is amazing.


Gracious Professionalism

The Gracious Professionalism award recognizes a girl who is not just a great team player but also supports and encourages everyone around her. She embodies what both SWAT and FIRST stands for.

2013: Aseera
330924_541200922589550_1090166116_oYou can always count on this girl to say “yes” to everything. She will never let you down when a job needs to be done and is always there to lend a helping hand where ever it is needed. She always makes sure that everyone has a job to do and that everyone knows what they are doing. With her signature nod of the head and giggle, Aseera is always there when you need her.

Captains Award

The Captains Award, similar to the Judges Award, is given to a girl who is invaluable to the team but does not fit any of the other award criteria. It is through both the big and little things that this girl does that makes her crucial to the team.

2013: Amber
976064_541200949256214_1061404039_oThis year’s recipient of the Captains Award is always there, quietly working behind the scenes. There is nothing too big or too small for her to take on. This year, as a MiniMillies leader, she helped guide the younger members of her group through the season as well as giving them advice both academically and socially. Eager to “teach everyone to dougie”, her awesome dance moves always keep the team’s spirit high. Amber never does anything halfway.

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